*Moving to Syracuse from Seattle, WA next month (UPDATE)

Apr 10, 2005

My wife and I are moving to Syracuse from Seattle next month so she can attend Syracuse U.

We found an apartment that looks all right online, but I'm wondering if any of you guys know anything about it or the area that its located in. Its called The James Apartments and is located at 600 James Street. We've never been to Syracuse, so we are only as familiar with the city as websites and craigslist apt. searches have allowed us to be.

Also, any opinions on Lorraine Ave in the Skytop area?

heres what to do:
1] Does she have her email address for SU? If so..setup a facebook.com (college forum/myspace)
facebook has marketplaces and many networks where you can get all types of help and even link up classmates before the semester starts
2] Post on the marketplace that you're looking for housing.

This should be of some help. Good luck.
I go to SU...

The whole city is a dump, especially if you are coming from a city like Seattle.

I know James street, but not sure exactly where that address is. If there is anything you need, inbox me.
It's always real real funny when people from outside of the Syracuse area always call Syracuse a "dump"

Because I'm sure that the J-D/F-M/Caz area's about 10-30 minutes from the Syracuse area are real dumps :rofl:
Stay away from James St., not a safe area by any means. Look up around the University on the "Hill" , there are always places for rent and most are with in walking distance of campus.
^what exactly do you mean by not safe? can you please elaborate?

we already put $170 down in non-refundable application fees for a 1 year lease, but have not signed anything. given this, would you recommend just eating the $170 and looking elsewhere?

are there perhaps "good" and "bad" ends of james street, or is the whole thing, um, "unsafe"?
Syracuse is a dump. I'm from NYC and I go to Onondaga 0]
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Super - After reading your post I can see why your going to a community college in Central NY, not even a good one at that.

Keith - Your talking about James St. when like 15 - 20 yrs ago, you say "when we were kids". Its not the worst place in the city by far to live but I think the hill would be far better suited a college student.

Clkru - Syracuse is an acquired taste which I'm sure you'll come to enjoy. Don't listen to all the "hay seeds" that want to hate. Feel free to hit me up with any questions, I would love to help.
Syracuse from my experience is ok,nothing special.Its really centered around the school,downtown looks like a ghost town and the people aren't any better.

If you could move to Buffalo or Rochester anything outside of that in our area is iffy,alot more things to do...and only an hour so away.

good luck
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i went to cornell in ithaca which is about an hr. away.. be sure to hit up dinosaur bbq and the big mall!
syracuse is a dump.

i have family up there and the area has deteriorated completely over the 24 years of my life.

im up there a few times a year and it is just depressing.
Yeah Syracuse is a dump especially if you're moving from Seattle. Anything to do is pretty much centered around the school, greek system, and basketball. If you and your wife aren't gonna be hitting up college parties there really isn't much to do. And I suggest to look more into where you're renting. I know most off my friends that go to SU when they live off campus it's a pretty decent travel to the school because the school is pretty much surrounded by the ghetto.
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A few places you might want to check out are the mall and Armory Square. Other than that Syracuse is a small town centered around the school.
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