Moving to the Arlington/Mount Vernon Area

Feb 5, 2003
Whats up NT, my names Joey and i been here for a while. I'm gonna be moving up closer to the seattle area, and I have only a few days to find a place and move, I've been packing up for a while but man I got way more stuff than when I moved in. Anyways I'll be living near Arlington, working out of Mount Vernon, anyone from that area hit me up so I can ask questions, dont know much about over that way. My email is

Here's some pics of my place right now, i'm tryin to box up as much as possible and get it all out into the front room



Don't have much to offer except welcome and good luck on the move. I hate moving more than anything.

I have the same pink con's.
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weak.... another dude coming to the area with my size... hahahha, jp. but yeah, good luck moving and finding a new place
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those pink cons are my girlfriends, ya i'm tryin to find an apartment right now, i guess i wont' be up there til mid december. Anyone in here familiar with the area? I went to the outlet mall by everett yesterday but they had nothing, well nothing i was interested in, do they ever get SB's at the outlets over that way? and if so which ones? they had af1s but they were on sale for like retail so i was like what the crap, but ya anyways more feedback would be appreciated, like wheres the good hangouts and good places to shop over that way
that area is pretty simple. mt vernon has an outlet mall too but its pretty basic. if i were u i would go to bellingham it has a much better mall and some good places to eat. and depending on how old u are bellingham is somewhat of a college town and has an alright downtown scene.
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