Moving to Toronto...Please help!

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what up y'all? i'm living in vancouver right now..i just graduated from college and i'm planning to move to toronto this summer.
i'm looking for a place to live near downtown...i've been checking out craig list for the past week, but i have no luck finding any decent room.
is there any other website like craig list where i can look for rooms and stuff? and is there certain area i should avoid?? like east hastings in vancouver..
i've been to toronto twice..but i was only there for a short period of time so i'm not so familiar with the area. thanks a lot in advance.
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Try the Parkdale neighbourhood for low(er) rent in the downtown area... But you likely won't find awesome deals no matter where you look. You're bestoff buying the Toronto Star and the Toronto Sun daily and checking their Classified sections -- they still work pretty well.

I'd use these parameters if you're looking for downtown housing:

East Boundary -- Yonge St.
West Boundary -- Lansdowne
North Boundary -- Bloor (FYI, the main subway line runs along Bloor, so if you're close to Bloor you're good for public transit access)
South Boundary -- Lakeshore

If you use those as a guide, you should be good -- and obviously if you're just a couple blocks away from one of those boundaries, you can reconsider atyour discretion. Using Google Maps or whatever, this should give you a good idea of the downtown area that's ideal for living. Good luck, dude...


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I heard cost of living in Toronto is less than that of Vancouver though, good luck.
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i know this sounds stupid, but frat houses. they rent out rooms in the summer for mad cheap... my frat is renting out rooms, st george and bloor... pm me ifyoure interested...
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