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Joined Nov 20, 2009
I had some time today to rearrange my boxes so I fugured I'd snap a few pics.  I havent done this in about a year,  I recently got rid of a bunch because I ran out of space, I regret it every day
... Anyway, here's most of what I have left.

OGs on the right.

OGs on the left.

Properly laced.

Joined Jan 26, 2009
dam. u got to almost 600 posts quick.
nice collection tho
how those AJKO feel? Plannin on pickin em up sometime this week
Joined Jul 29, 2008
alot of nice stuff, your jays are fresh, gotta love the foams, im like them ms 6's more and more everytime i see them, they have good leather from what i can see
Joined Nov 20, 2009
Thanks for all the comments! As far as the AJKO's, I haven't had the chance to try them on yet but I would imagine they would feel the same as the I's.
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