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Jan 10, 2000
Requesting and sharing music is allowed.Quote:
Section 1 - General Conduct

1. Derogatory comments regarding race, ethnic background, language, gender, sexual preference or religion are strictly prohibited.

2. Swearing is unacceptable. Partially edited profanity such as "", "", "beyotch", "***", "f--k" and "di**" is also unacceptable. Attempting to circumvent this rule using abbreviations, acronyms, or other obvious representations of prohibited language will not be tolerated and will result in administrative action. Other restrictions may be made according to context. If you are unsure if a word is appropriate, DO NOT USE IT.

Starting right now, any violation of these rules will result in a one-week banishment on NikeTalk. Thinking we're taking this seriously? You damn right we are. Any one have a problem with it, then you have issues.

If you cannot post without cursing, even edited, or typing the "N" word, even edited, then I suggest you click this link. We won't tolerate it anymore.

This includes past posts. If we see it, you will serve your suspension. We will give you one day (from 08/07/05 at 4:37 pm ET) to correct your past posts that violate these rules. Afterwards, if you are caught, then you will serve the temporary banishment.

Powertrip? Hardly. It's not hard to follow the rules, especially these two.

"...E-40, Dre, and Mall put the V on the map ..."​
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