[Music Video] EDF - Screw History (What Would (DJ) Screw Do?)

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Yessir. That's me in the video.

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[h1]Full Swag For DJ Screw & Framboise; Half Swag For Riff Raff[/h1]
By Allison WagonerFri., Sep. 30 2011 at 10:30 AM

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[table][tr][td][/td][/tr][tr][td]Riff Raff has all the swag.[/td][/tr][/table]​One of the many things we love about Houston is the diversity of its music. For instance, on Tuesday night we went to Mango's to see Psychic Palms and Mikey & The Drags, two of our favorite local garage-rock bands. After The Drags performed their cover for "Then He Kissed Me" by The Crystals, the dudes from Swishahouse started setting up their turntables for dubstep night.
Garage rock and dubstep in the same night under the same roof; it was beautiful...and a little off-putting.

If you haven't gone to a dubstep show yet, let us assure you that the hype is very real. Tuesday was our first time witnessing the tomfoolery. It was sort of like a slowed-down rave. No one looked old enough to drink and they were dancing and swinging their string lights around like "Whiplash" from Iron Man, except on hella MDMA. The low-frequency bass lines reminded us of DJ Screw. What would Robert E. Davis Jr. think of this Swishahouse dubstep movement?
Maybe you could ask EDF, a native Houstonian rapper and producer who recently released his video for the single, "Screw History (What Would Screw Do?)" The introduction features clips from an interview with Screw, the man who "created a new sound."

Swagometer: 10

Any single that references the god is cool with us.

California rapper Speak! has spent the last few months trying to eloquently rid any suspicion that he ghostwrites for Kreayshawn and penned her hit song, "Gucci Gucci." We'd like to think that if someone seems too good to be trill, she's probably fake.

Last week, Complex asked him about the "Gucci Gucci" rumors, to which he responded: "I took her to the Gucci store here in L.A. and tricked off my entire ironic hipster trust fund in attempts to give her a taste of leisure life. My parents were devastated but allowed me to continue working at their multimillion dollar snorkel factory in Saudi Arabia."

He has a taste for luxury, cocaine, and chicks with pigtails; peep the video for "Framboise Menage a Trois."

Swagometer: 9

We have to dock a point. The fashion is rad, but there are too many naked girls for our taste.

Finally, we've been listening to Riff Raff all week and you can't tell us nothin'! His lyrics remind us of some old Screw tapes: Super-simplistic rhyme patterns and bizarre references. (Remember when Keke rhymed about Caress soap?)

You probably saw him strutting around The Galleria years ago and, like everyone else, thought to yourself "What the +$#! is this guy doing?" Bet you were as shocked as we were to see him on MTV's From G's to Gents.

He didn't win. Raffy isn't ready to retire the G yet. For Screw's sake, he's wearing an iced-out Slimer (from Ghostbusters) chain. Here's his video for "Jose Canseco", the ultimate hater-song, for your weekend.

Swagometer: 6

We're pretty sure that he says he's "hot like global warming" and he's going to get in our $%#%$ like Charmin. C'mon, son.
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