my boy got killed... smh...

Joined Dec 11, 2010
If you hustling... Be as safe as possible mayne.

My boy got dropped in a drug deal gone wrong. Say he caught one in the head.

25 years old...

So sad mayne... Cool as a fan... Hooped with him all thru high school... Argued... Schemed on yambs...

I was throwing my boy oops... We was like jkidd and Kmart nets 03...

:smh: :smh:

Its tough losing people... But to all my NTers That may have loss someone recently... I feel ya pain mayne. Keep on pushing cuz life does go on...
Joined Apr 1, 2005
Sorry to hear about ur boy... RIP

Yea I got hustlers in the family and I always tellem to be safe. A rough living


Joined Feb 15, 2013
My condolences OP. That's why I never had the heart to be about that life, cause when you are you just know your expiration date is coming.

Keep ya head up.
Joined Aug 23, 2006
RIP to your friend ricky. you seem like you have a great head on your shoulders so just remember your friend and keep working towards your goals.
Joined Dec 11, 2010
Preciate that famb...

Sorry for your loss.

Where did this happen? news article?
man... They not gonna do anything on him...

My dude was chill... 25 years, never incarcerated, never was super flashy... Just hustled enough to stack his money and live comfortably.

Most times it be those extreme cats but homey wasn't even like that.

:smh: :smh: I want to get so many of my boys out that life bro... But this isn't going to chabgf and I know it will happen again...
Joined Oct 12, 2010
RIP. Know exactly how you feel bro. Lost my best friend in November 2012. Still hasn't set in 6 months later.

mr marcus

Joined May 3, 2010
Fam member just got locked up last night w/ possession charges :smh: one was cocaine smh

People in that life never wanna get out
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