My Collection.......Finally! 14 years old.

Jul 6, 2005

I have been into sneakers my whole life. Been a fan of MJ since the day I was Born. I stop wearing Jordan's after he retires from the Bulls, and I became a huge T-Mac fan. I wear a size 9.5 most of my stuff is 11.5 something happen with my feet it loss weight!

I have pay for all my sneaker's Retail! lunch money :pimp:

Free Dunk's :rofl:

Straw :pimp:

Mike is wearing Space Jam's

Thank's for looking!
^ Yeah! :smh:
some crazy @#%$ the only 9.5 i got are

1 Pack OLNL
Mars IV
Green Bean V
Both SB
and the Dunk's

the rest is 11.5
^ I saw that coming back in the day when I only had 1 post on NT I made a thread saying that i got free Space Jam's lol i was 11 at the time I got alot of :smh:
cause i didn't post pictures.
My NOW brother in law gave them to me when he was not my brother in law. Lmao
My bad the II and the I look alike i was confused for a moment to me the II are like a low version of the I. Oh and thanks for the Smh! Stay GOONIES! :smh:
That was 99, you were probably 6 then.

Nop i was 7 My parent's lol Dude i noticed that by the picture's that i have seen.Me am my brother where and are BIG MJ fan's. My brother was the one that really got me into basketball.Plus I never knew there where retroing Jordan's until 01 :smh:
at me.
dude...thats too many shoes for a 14 year old. what happens if your feet keeps shrinking?? lol

but nice stuff, just slow down a bit
by the way, make sure to read my sig...

ebay Auctions To Come...​
Nice stuff.
WANTED: Size 11-13 any condition!PM Me!
[] Red Supreme Blazer
[] Blk/neon Air Total Max Uptempo
[] Nike Foamposite pro Voltage
Sup AirJordans4Life!

Lol dude trust me i have slow down alot more, the last pair of sneaker's I got before getting OLNL and Vanilla Ice Blazer's,where Purple pigeon Low SB back in Thank'sGiving in 06 in a Skateshop in PR! I pass on alot of @#%$ i wanted Fire Red V and III, Black Metalic 23# V,etc. I think is to late to stop now am going to be 15 on Jule 11! :pimp:
. I can work now! No HypeBeast :smh:
This is pretty confusing. Dudes like you give 14 year olds a bad rep on NT. Your grammar is also horrific.
Funny you say that. I am also a member of ISS, but have like 4 posts and use it only for buy/sell.

This guys mad.
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