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    Dec 5, 2010
    This is a controversial, existentialist discussion I'm hoping to spark on NT. Climate change is a really complex problem, obviously. I've been following the recent news on the climate change talks in Paris and it's pretty interesting how all these country leaders are coming together and trying to figure this out. Regardless of what we start doing now, certain groups of people are definitely ****** in the future like people who live in the Marshall Islands. Nobody seems to have a home-run plan so I started thinking myself. I'm never getting into politics (could be for the best, who knows) but it's fun to think about all the possibilities.

    So I was wondering, like I know it sounds bad, but maybe the short-term solution, as a species, is to not be so horrified when people die. Stop disseminating news and fear about people getting killed and instead broadcast cool montages of those people's lives. Obviously we'll keep supporting medical research so that your life doesn't get cut short by cancer, but living past 80-90? Like you had your time on Earth to live out some sort of existence, waste some resources and contribute to climate change, how much better does it get after you become that old? You can't move around as much, your **** probably doesn't function properly anymore, meanwhile the world's crumbling away at a faster rate and your grandkids can't enjoy a vacation at the beach because there is no more beach. The bigger picture is we have a planet to maintain until we get warp-drive capabilities that are actually feasible to travel to other habitable planets so that we can then enjoy those resources (and start the whole cycle over again).

    less people = slower rate of pollution = less political strife for resources = greater regional stability (in areas like Middle East) = more time to develop interstellar travel to planets / transform into robots

    On second thought, maybe all these mass shooters are environmentalists in disguise. :nerd:
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    Aug 24, 2003
    i see you bought into the political rhetoric.

    The gall of these politicians to impose certain conditions on the population to abide by when they're out there destabilizing countries, dropping bombs and fueling conflict overseas while subsidizing the oil industry, fracking and auto car manufacturers, etc. etc. The amount of environmental damage and pollution from crony capitalism alone is incalculable.

    How are you gonna carpet bomb countries with napalm and then have the nerve to tax me when i buy a hummer. :x

    So in short, my idea on climate change is that politicians needs to **** and walk the walk FIRST, followed by big business .... and maybe then they can try sell us their carbon credits.
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    Mar 4, 2011
    There's enough resources for every one.

    The world being polluted the way it is is a product of industrialization and globalism.

    Economics based on scarcity and supply with no regard to the environment.
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    Mar 4, 2011

    How do you destroy a country for centuries by illegal deforestation, illegal mining, and buying the rights to all the resources so you can bleed a place dry, then turn around and make that same country pay bill. It just feels very unfair. Then people in well to do countries got the nerve to say we have too many people on the planet for all the stuff we have. More should be okay with death so that the living have better access to stuff.

    These poor countries already pay reparations for becoming "liberated colonies". Now they are getting stuck with the carbon bill smh. The west really does look bat **** crazy to the rest of the world.
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    Apr 16, 2004
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    Not to turn this into a religious thread but someone dropped this on me a while ago and it's stuck with me.

    The earth was never built to house this many people.

    In so many words he tied premarital sex, over population, pollution, resources, climate change, and the prophecy of fire ending the world.

    I know it sounds crazy but the way he was breaking it down had me like¬†[​IMG]
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    Oct 9, 2002
    Its all these people smoking gas, ******* up the atmospehere.

    Seriously, doe. I see OP trying to turn the news into Instagram. I do agree, tbh. The new does show to much violence, but its what people want to see. Its still a TV show after all, they gotta get their viewers.

    Personally, I dont think the world is over populated. Theres still parts of the world we haven't really inhabited.

    When North Canada get croweded, THEN we got a problem.