My New Dog

Joined Feb 7, 2010
didn't get that great of pics...he seems a lil' camera shy

he's a Scottish Terrier/Cairn Terrier mix

we decided on the name Watson...other names we considered were Misfit, Levi, etc.

we got him from a shelter in our area...if you're considering getting a dog get one from a shelter rather than a pet store or breeder because there's so many good dogs that need homes

he's been very good so far except the first day (Thursday) but it got much better after he got fixed on Friday...he was trying to pee on everything

he peed on my father in laws grill on his porch
and then when he went in the house he got about 6 feet in the door and peed on the waste can

then he peed on the bench in the vet's waiting room the next day

he's done much better since being fixed though...he'll go hours in his crate while we're sleeping and can hold it just fine
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Originally Posted by Crumps Brother

didn't get that great of pics...he seems a lil' camera shy

not to be funny or anything...i thought that was cum on the side of the dog's mouth
Joined Feb 7, 2010
^he's smelly too

the previous owner just let him and their other dog run the streets

they gave them up because they're having a baby and don't want the added responsibility of dogs...the lady w/ the shelter says that they have gotten several other dogs from them prior

we're gonna give him a good bath as soon as we can...have to wait 'til a week after his surgery

he might just look dirty to you 'cause he's a bit mangy right now and has very wire like hair since he's half cairn terrier...either way, you're a %#%%

big j 33

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Originally Posted by mondaynightraw

why you got him in the crate? let him roam around the house to get familiar with it
So he stops pissing everywhere

I had to crate train my dog at first until he could hold it and stopped chewing up and eating things.
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Cool dog man.
My parents have a westie and i used to have a cairin. Terriers can be stubborn but they're a joy to have around.
Good luck! and you did a great thing going to the shelter.
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