My NT Brothas, Help Me Explore My Options Vol. Dead or In Jail

Joined Sep 6, 2005
Alright, so I've been rockin' the low-cut Caesar since I left the womb. I tried the afro for a bit, but I wanna know what else can I do with my hair?
I'm not trying to get braids or dreads. I'm thinking about the Eric Benet or a short Lenny Kravitz type-cut.

Any other options?

Also, how do I even go about gettin' that short nappy (but clean) afro look?
Joined Jul 23, 2008
Originally Posted by Megatron187em

540 waves like henzo

Yea henz0 has so many waves his head looks like an ocean.

Just don't get a mohawk and you'll be alright.
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