Nas - Time is Illmatic documentary.

Joined Oct 21, 2014

Man, I still can't believe some of the **** I read in that Kendrick thread.


But my pops wouldn't have been cool with me dropping out. Jungle is a funny dude, but nonetheless real.
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Old Testament of the hip-hop Bible. Album perfectly captures EVERYthing hip-hop related from the genres inception, up until that point.

DOPE doc.

I wish they would've done an in-depth look on EVERY song on the album. But there is the audio version on Spotify.

But seeing an in-depth look at one of the GREATEST was coo. And how they showed what 1980s QB was like.

The footage of NaS when he was Kid Wave And the **** about Ill Will death. Jungle is funny as hell too.
Joined Oct 21, 2014
What are they saying? I see what people post on Twitter, and that's enough for me.
Dudes talking bout TPAB >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Illmatic

Then just discrediting everything Nas has done in his career. All of it stemming from being a prisoner of the moment.

I can't take dudes serious when they start posting **** like that.
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