- Nazi Wearing Fire Red Red 3's Vs Old Head in Air Max 90s - Who will win?

Feb 9, 2013

Let's hear your take on this.

-all that "what are those"? stuff that young bulls do is irrelevant cuz you have people like Mr. Fire Red 3s here trying to clown the old head for wearing Air Maxes.
-Sneakers really aren't that cool anymore. You should wear what you like. White men like ol boy never wore Jays like that back in the day. Its hypocritical that white people judge other for dress like a...
when you wear streetwear. Now that middle age racist wear it, the tables have turned in the weirdest way
- wu tang clan ain't nothin to f with.
- Always pay attention and be ready like old head. The agitator on that pus-c- as-s phone , ready to tattle tale to the po-lice. you should be trying to defend yourself or run away dummy
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