NBA hoop it up 3-3.. who's playing?

Mar 19, 2006
Im thinking about making a team to play in Edmonton when they come.

Anyone play in this before?? How is it? Good competition and a fun time or what?

... Or I could be totally wrong​
I had a fun time last year. I might go again when it comes to Toronto.
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i played in london last yr...very fun time..i hated the balls they used though >:
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been playin for the past 3 years....its a fun in the tdot so its at the ex grounds....some of the courts are terrible to play on because its a parking lot and the nets arent that great but its street ball and its jus for fun so its all good...any half serious ball player should get out and run
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What's the system they play with? I'm up for it if I can get a team down..

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