Aug 1, 2006
Finally it's the NBA PLAYOFFS! Tell me who are you rooting for and why? Who do you think will snatch the crown?

Personally i like the underdogs to win but i think it'll be DALLAS SUNS SPURS PISTONS HEAT the elite teams that will ultimately battle for the crown!

Cavs and Lakers all the way!!
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Well I hope Chicago makes the biggest upset in this series by bumping off Miami. I miss having the Bulls in the later rounds of the Playoffs... Good old days of MJ :smile:
Lakers, Warriors, Bulls, and Wizards...
i'm gunning for Lebron and the Cavs...sure win na sila sa wiz eh

tska gs2 ko manalo heat...ibang klase talaga makita c wade and shaq e compare mo sa young players ng bulls

gs2 ko makita suns sa finals...BRAZILIAN BLUR babyyyy

so suns tska heat or cavs masaya na ko hahaahah
been a Laker Fan since the Showtime Era ( Magic & Kareem )...
so i want 'em to do well...

but im real pumped-up for the GS Warriors.
reppin the Bay Area's basketball team...
Laker fan since showtime era as well since i'm SoCal raised. I don't know about you guys in Manila, but here in Cebu... we got HELLA bandwagon fans!! a few years ago, peeps here were Kings fans, then last year Heat fans... now this year people are Nugget fans :lol:
Cheering for NBA teams here is like buying the latest style in trendy clothes :lol:
While i just stick to my Lakers because whether they win championships or 8th seed ranked, they'll always be timeless :pimp:

"From Ermita Cebu, Philippines
AJ 'Bazooka' Banal!"
he im goin to the PI in may so that means ill have to watch the games in the PI what time does it come on im guess the mornings cause when i was there i jan i had to watch football like super early and oh yea the suns are goin to go all the way its goin be suns vs pistons
^^^ first thing you wake up, turn to Basketball TV for the live games
"From Ermita Cebu, Philippines
AJ 'Bazooka' Banal!"
detroit has a great chance on beating the powerhouse teams of the west. that is if they reach the finals. but i have faith on my boys! im a big heat fan but by the way they are playing this season, i don't think they could go that far this year. maybe next year. cleveland has a very good chance to go far this season and they are fun to watch but they still lack a spot at the point and they lack experience but hey! everything can happen in the playoffs! in the west, i think its the suns. i think its about time for them. everyone on the team's healthy, they have a deep bench, great team work and they have a pretty good chance on beating the spurs or the mavs if they meet sometime in the playoffs.
Lakers 0-2 :smh:

Anyone watching the Toronto/NJ series?? Great fan support for Toronto... no star players with the exception of Bosh. I'm pulling for them in the East
"From Ermita Cebu, Philippines
AJ 'Bazooka' Banal!"
BULLS BABY!!! smh game 2 wasn't televised here...but we lead 2 zip man!!!

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