NC A&T Homecoming

Jul 8, 2001
Is anybody gonna participate with the events as far as the stepshow, comedy show, or concert? I wouldnt mind going to go see Busta perform, but my dudes from DC are coming down so I doubt we'll go. Knowing them they are gonna wanna hit the club up.
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Whats up man, me and a couple of my dudes are comin up there from ATL for homecoming. Whats goin on that weekend?
Thursday is the comedy show with Kat Williams
Friday is the stepshow as well as the parties everywhere
Sat. is the game vs. Howard, later on that evening is the Concert(Hosted by Funk Flex & Flava Flav) Busta Rhymes, Keisha Cole, Young Dro, and Lil Wayne are performing
you are super lucky if you have a chance to see Busta perform......he is def. one of the livest most amazing people to see live

His energy is off the chain
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lol I knew you would make a post about this.

you already know
I graduated from T so I'll be there. Not going to any of the undergrad events though. Hit a couple of parties & chill around on the yard Saturday.
I cant believe Flava Flav is coming, lol thats soo whack


Anywho, I'm debating for the Stepshow or to post up on the yard Saturday. I could catch a ride Friday but I'd have to come back for work Saturday morning. Seriously thinking about calling out on they @#%$ but this one chic already told me she calling out. @#%$ around both of us be jobless come Sunday morning.

I will be making my return to Gboro for this......may thro a lil get together or what not...but who knows.....
Dang, Flava Flav and Hoops were on 102 Jamz yesterday afternoon, Hoopz was at Atlantis, and Flav was talking about going to the parade as well as the football game.
@#%$ is sooo corny, you can tell when its time, because theres more cornballs around here than a Planters factory
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