Jul 18, 2007
Soo i go to UMCP(soph) and am takin COMM 107....have to inform the class on a random topic with a presentation. As a true Nter first thought, easy talk bout sneakers. So the lady was like any visuals or stories should be included in the presentation.(Its only like 5-7 min presentation I think) So If any of yall have any pics of ur collection or any other pics, CRAZY release stories, or anything that could be of assistance I'd Appreciate it.

Ohh yea I have to cite within the presentation so if yall can just tag ur name, that would help me out...But for wuteva reason if u dont wanna put ur name down i guess I can just use your SN.....ANY AND ALL SUGGESTIONS WELCOME

P.S would REALLLY like to hear from the the older NTers
Help us to help you. What exactly about sneakers are you going to talk about?

This should help us determine the appropriate information you are looking for and not waste anyone's time.
Do you live on campus? Either way let me know and I'll be more than glad to help a fellow Terp/NT'er out. You can just send me a message or drop your name and ill facebook you.
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Yea looking over my assignment sheet Im just doing the Information Briefing...I dont think I want to make this my final speech presentation(I think dude Daniel who did it before did a persuasive speech)...But I feel you soleFUNK. and my prof. is Katie Place

And Basically I just want to give the class an over view of the shoe game present..or the way it was for me when I 1st really stepped into the game(Campouts, Sample sale, trading) because sample sale use to be like a Holiday(No skool marked on my calender and everything) "light bulb"Ohh what an idea NT Calander :pimp:

The only thing is Im going to have to relate this to the audience(my class) so I figured if i showed how it worked out economically for example why the cactus foams will do better than the blk/red one's or why the DMP did better than BMP or 1st spizikes did better than the rest following....Not really trying to talk bout hypebeast think thats a thing that recently became a major issue(Remember when waking up at 8 when the store opens at 9 was a big deal) THINGS DONE CHANGED
But yea ovreall I think my problem will be relating this to the class b/c not everyone is into sneakers so hopefully i can tie this in w/ economics
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just make all the information up......thats all i ever did at umd when we had to get some interview or some credible source......they not gonna me

imo college isn't about learning or retaining any information its about building skills to survive in life cuz i really don't remember anything and i just graduated in may
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