Need a comfortable shoe for work

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theres lots of different brands u can look at, i mainly go towards New Balance, Mizuno, Saucony, Asics, and adidas. If you don't have any foot problems/ aching problems around ur feet. then u can just try on some shoes in those listed brands and see whats right for u. but if u do have some foot problems/ knee problems, u might want to go to a real running shoe store, and ask for some advice, because u'll be standing for a long time everyday
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In my personal experience AM 90's and 95's are good for working when you have to stand and walk around most of the time. In Jordans I found VII's, XII's, XIV's and XX's were good. Outside of Nike the only thing I've worn were New Balance 574's and I must say they are very comfortable.
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asics gel kinsei. i'm on my third pair of these, i wear them literally everyday and my feet NEVER bother me. price point is pretty steep at 165, but totally worth it and twice the shoe and comfort any air max will give you.
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Honestly, you should go with a pair of Nike Air Structure Triax 10's. I wore them all weekend when I went to the Patriots Bengals game in Cinci. I went to Paramont Kings Island on Saturday and was on my feet for 10 hours and they were feeling good when we got back to the hotel. I am 6'3 277 pounds BTW. Go Patriots!
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the AM 360's suck IMO...they feel comfortable at first but they really aren't...i bought them for work and all they do now is hurt my feet standing and walking for a long period of time.
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Stay away from basketball shoes. They're all I wear/have ever worn, but they will kill your feet working retail. When I worked at Champs, after having bad experiences in Penny's, Jordan's, and Air Force's, I decided to try some Air Max's even though they weren't really my style or what I wanted to wear. I ended up loving to work in the Air Max Classic BW and Air 180, made those 9 hour shifts during summer feel like nothing.
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