Need Help Finding Go-Cart Place in Socal! Help!!

Jul 14, 2003
Sup yall, I need to find a good go-cart place to go to thats sorta fun for all ages. the oldest person I have going is mid 40's and the youngest is 8-10, preferably something that would suit the lower ages would be awesome. Do you guys know any good places in the greater Los Angeles area that are open during the day that would be good?

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K1 Speedzone. Its indoor and the karts are fast. like someone said, its somewhere in Irvine.

i think i dropped 50 bucks for 3 runs...
i think the irvine one requires you to have a driver's i think that's a no go for the kiddos.

but if u DO have a driver's license, it's good times.
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Dromo1 also requires a DL too (i have a scar thanks to the real hot engine)...I haven't been to K1 Speed but I heard it's pretty cool...Go Cart World in Carson's for kids lol...Speedzone's the best compromise, not quite the real go karting, but not so cartoonish like GCW.
There is a fairly new joint in the San Fernando Valley called MB2. Google it for info, the place is sick. They advertise it on AM 570
Early !!!
SpeedZone in the City of Industry. I haven't been there in years but I remember having a lot of fun. Haha my friend's cart got stuck in the middle of this one track. I tried to help her out by ramming into her cart with a full head of steam. Hahaha her cart went flying into the tire wall. Good times.
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