Need help with indoor courts in North York, ON

Feb 11, 2001
I plan on moving to North York, ON by the end of the month and just wondering if any Toronto NT'ers might know any decent/nice indoor courts in the North York area I can play ball at (much appreciated if you have an address). Thanks in advance for the help!!!
there's a community center called Mitchell Field. it's nearby Earl Haig Secondary School. I think they have ball mondays and thursdays...6-8
^^^ word, i play there sometimes
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How's the crowd at YMCA? I haven't played in like 9 months and just recently restarted so I just want to get back in shape, find my shooting/moves andnot necessarily get embarrassed by cats who can jump out of the gym and dunk it whichever way that's humanly possible all the time. There's a seriouslack of facility here so I'm mostly interested in hearing peeps who have played or are playing at either the Markham YMCA and/or North York YMCA. Thanksin advance!

Also,AMpED23, is anti-best right at Bathurst and Finch? Do you have an exact address? I swear whenever I pass by the intersection there's nothing excepta firehouse...Thanks.
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