need help withCUSTOM LACE LOCKS!!!

Aug 21, 2005
i am trying to figure out how to get and or make custom lace locks... kinda like that cat meth and sbtg use. i looked a lil online and found nuthin so if anyone has any ideas or info on how to create them please lemme know.

p.s. i would also like to make custom hang tags
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Good question.. where did people get those MiKE lace locks from ?
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if your in the NYC area Union sells MIKE lace locks.. BUt definetly WAT IS GOOD with the signature lace locks.. info well needed!
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lol seems like im not tha only one... im on a isson.. i have found a few sites on tha internet that do something similar but they would neva fly or look rit eon a pair of AF1's *sigh* i need this info bbaaddd
Nike iz luv
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