Need some help looking for some electric shavers! NORELCO?

Joined Feb 7, 2008
So I am about to buy my first electric shavers, I can't take the manual ones anymore!
So I hear that rotary shavers are supposeably better than the foil ones and the best rotary shaver I read about is the Philips Norelco

So what should I look for when looking for an electric shaver?

I looked at these and they pretty good because of reviews



8250, amazon doesnt have it but ive seen it at walmart

between the 8240 and 8260, theres no charging station and battery meter i think i read, not sure if thats a deal breaker but looking for some NT opinions since it would be faster than most other places

so what are you recommendations

btw, i am not black


Joined Jul 6, 2002
That's $$$. I copped a Philips Norelco from the local Costco for about $100. I can't compare it to anything else as this is my first electric shaver. It's a hell of a lot faster than the manual way though.
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