Need some ideas for a SLOGAN - student council/board of directors at my college

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I'm going to run for director for my college this month, and then pursue a VP position.


Anyone ever run before?
 What was your campaign like? What kind of promises did you make?
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Yezzur...currently im the President of my freshman hall.

We call it Community Council. It is the governing underbody of an organizatin called RHA (Residence Hall Association)

I help make programs for the building, the school, resolve issues among floors, etc.

We have a weekly community council meeting that I run, and a weekly RHA meeting (Where all halls community councils get together)

on your resume. Plan to do it for the next 3 years too.
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I gotta write up a 200 word platform outlining what I'm all about as a candidate. Any creative ideas that would capture the student's imagination?
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haha college isn't as much as a popularity contest as it is in HS. People will actually listen to the issues. Past candidates at my school have actually increased funding for campus drivers, security etc. Your stance will actually matter. Think about whether or not you want to appeal to the current freshman, upper classmen, or grad students, off-campus students etc. Also remember your freshman "colleagues" won't be freshman the following year. Hope this helps!
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Originally Posted by ridingonlorenzos

I gotta write up a 200 word platform outlining what I'm all about as a candidate. Any creative ideas that would capture the student's imagination?
You lost my vote.
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Some dude who was running for President at my school went door to door at almost all of the dorms and distributed condoms with his name and slogan on them (or he sent his friends).
Even though it was funny and memorable, he lost.
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Its 50/50 with the popularity thing. With it being college students will listen to the issues and concerns. One of the biggest issues of the last election was how the university canceled an annual event after complaints from the nearby residential community (a minority in that neighborhood seeing that students live in most of the homes). The kid who won had a better platform and was more popular. It didn't help that his opponent was put in the race by the chancellor (her reputation is in the toilet with students and alumni), he was socially awkward and didn't really cater to the needs and questions of the student pop. The election was a LANDSLIDE if I ever saw one.
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In college it's not so much of a popularity contest, because not everyone in campus is always involved. It really depends on your school though. I'm around my girls school all the time and for the most part, I hang out in the Student Government area of the school. My girl is president of her club and most of my friends there are student council members.

A lot of them seem to be very involved with the school and care about their jobs a lot. Being apart student council is somewhat of a full-time job as well. I see people there from early in the morning till late at night. Sometimes I even see them there all day during the weekends.

For the most part, usually holding a high position such as VP or president usually goes to either a junior or a senior. Very rarely have I ever see an underclassman get a high position in student council. The reason they do this is because the underclassman just doesn't know much about the school compared to an upperclassman.

There are some politics involved, but for the most part I've seen people holding positions because they honestly care about the school. Just as long you have a nice board you should be fine.
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I ran for student government in college. I was part of the College Association Board (responsible for allocating funds to existing organizations on campus)
The existing board asked me if I wanted to run on their campaign. I said sure.
I had no experience with student government. I was the campus dj doing all the parties.

Day of elections, I ended up getting the most votes out of everyone (without running a campaign).
It was basically a popularity contest.
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i was on RHA my freshman year and im currently helping my buddies campaign for ASUO (associated students of the university of oregon, in charge of $12 million spending budget)

and i can tell you one thing, you need to be able to campaign, after we return from springbreak, we're calling like 10,000 students via phonebank

just to remind them to vote (online)
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What yall think of this

My name is xxx xxx. I am a 2nd year accounting student and I want to be YOUR “People’s Champion
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Run under this guys platform follow his example and you'll be running @#$% in no time
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