need your help again Boston peeps...

May 3, 2007
whats up boston people-

i need your help...i want to take my lady out, to a nice place and then a nice restaurant-- maybe a nice museum/art gallery and then somewhere nice to eat (not too expensive, but very classy/formal..). could you guys give me some spots to check out for both a museum/art gallery or any other nice place like that, and also some place to go eat in the boston area..? If you guys know of any restaurants that make the food right in front of you, that would be awesome...

thanks in advance
The aquarium is always cool...not a museum/art gallery tho.
havent been to any of those. Aquarium is def a fun place to go to tho

as for dinner..

It'll cost about 150 after parking/dinner/tip

Top of The Hub in the Prudential Center, 52nd floor.

amazing view of the city, great food..was well worth the money

other two i like

Capital Grille on Newbury st (prob like 90 bucks)

Legal Sea Foods (cheapest of the 3, right by the aquarium, still kinda formal,classy..)
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