Need your opinions on Huarache 2k5 sizing!

Feb 23, 2005
sup guys.. about to pick up a pair of huarache 2k5's but just needed your experienced opinions on sizing. I'm normally a 11.5 in nike but am a size 11 in the zoom kobe 1's and lebron IV's. and a 11.5 in the Kobe 2 strengths and air force 25's as well (which is slightly big for me in the toe box area). I'm hearing that the 2k5's are really narrow but I think I have normal to very slightly wider feet but shouldn't be a problem I would think cause it's never been a factor in sizing before.

any opinions would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
the 2k5s are true to size for me.

i wear a 10 for the 2k5 and 9.5 for both the ZK1 and 2k4

hope this helps.
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Thanks for the replies.. definitely helped out. so the 2K5's are true to size then.

also, for the 2K4's then.. did all you guys go down half a size?? would a true to size 2K4 fit that much bigger? wouldn't be too bad right?
Put it this way...I wear a 10 and an 8.5 was snug so they run big
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Put it this way...I wear a 10 and an 8.5 was snug so they run big
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