NELLY done got himself on top 40 radio , and a top 10 record

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my dude said eff it, I got my lane.
I guess it's better than Luda doing annoying club music.
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:lol: I wanna say "Nelly sold out".. but then again he never made real music in the first place.

I respect Nelly though, he's intelligent and seems like a stand-up dude.
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Lmao, this is kinda fire though. I can see myself playing this with the windows down speeding on the highway. 
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:rofl: oh god, Nelly getting his Flo-Rida on. Not surprising though, he did a song with Tim McGraw almost 10 years ago.

Country Grammar & Free City though :pimp: :pimp:

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As Peep Game noted, Nelly did "Over and Over" with Tim McGraw in 2004. So this isn't the first time he's dipped his toes into the country genre.


my dude said eff it, I got my lane.
I guess it's better than Luda doing annoying club music.
Actually, Luda recently hopped on a country track, as well.
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This dude has been influenced by country music his whole career. Songs trash, but i'd rather hear him doing this than be all over trap beats like the real sell outs.

meek meals

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The way he responds to the white dude when he says "Waddup Nelly" and the way dude says "Awright!" cracks me up . . . it's like he don't give a **** and is getting his money

When Future was photographed in T-Pains old Bugatti for a video shoot or something, a radio station called T-Pain up and basically asked him how did Future take his lane, T-Pain said that he's been writing for country artists, not giving a damn about the rap game because there's more money in country, and not that much money in rap outside of a few artists

Salute to them, not like either of them were Nas before this

He found his lane and is sticking to it instead of rapping over struggle Young Chop imitation beats

At least he isn't rapping about "ignoring the slave chains if you ignore my gold chains" Like LL **** J 

EDIT: Yo Nelly's verse is actually kinda hot 
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this is nothing new for Nelly, his verse was straight btw
i like original song as well
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Bruh :lol:

Part of me is like "what the ****", and the other half is like "play it again".
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