Aug 1, 2006
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Legendary sneaker addict and author of Whered You Get Those Bobbito Garcia was called upon by Nike to work on some Air Force Ones for the 25th Anniversary. Bobbito has been a self-proclaimed fan of the Air Force 1 since the shoes debuted in 1982.

The first 3 pairs of Bobbito Air Force Ones that we have seen released this year were all low cuts, but the original pairs he balled in were the high tops in 82. The two have connected again to put together some more Air Force Ones, however this time in the original high top.

At the point we have very little info as these were quick snaps taken and posted by We Love Paris at an AF1 event in Milan, Italy. From the shots, what we can tell is that Bobbito put on what appears to be a red-orange leather upper, accents of royal blue, white sidewall (aka midsole), and gum outsole. When we toyed with the photos it looks like the shoes either have a white or silver swoosh.
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i don't like bob, but i love AF1 highs..

they'll have to be a game-time decision.

..with so much personality,
what do you want from me?
i could be by myself and enjoy the company..
but i'd ratherher
Idk about the rest of the Bob's, but the first ones were real soft too.
Those colors look dope, but I aint too much a fan of hi's.
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Hm those look sweet! Can't wait for more pictures.
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The leather does look soft. Resembles the leather on the London Premiums and if so, those may be my first pair of hi top forces in a while.
i'll wait for more pictures, to make a final decision.
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these look to be alot hotter than the lows IMO. I really wish they did more with Highs...somethin about them is so hot to me
This broad sauced the hell out of me​
if i can get my hands on these
and my money is right. copped.

but then again. i'm a college student
stuck in western New Hampshire.
Leather straps on AF1 = :pimp:
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Gum sole- check
Red buttery looking leather- check
Hi- check
Blue accent- ehhhhh
ridiculous price tag- check
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go bears
Go Cubs
Found my sertig's... now i am on the hunt for some Union 180's sz 13 DS or NDS
Orange highs + gum sole..... first words that came out my mouth were "oh mah God". An orange AF high alone is enough to make me drool. Add the gummy sole and its a wrap.

I still haven't broken out my Bob Love lows.

Not orange but oh well, still must haves. The wheats definitely. Bob came with it this go 'round.
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These look so damn buttery. :pimp:

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These are so fresh . . .

Can't wait to see more pictures of the wheat versions.

Thanks to prym & nicekicks for the pics.
What's a sneaker boutique?
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