*New* Converse Team Wade on Eastbay

Dec 27, 2005


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the ankle collar and shape of the back of the shoe remind me of the 1.3s
I was happy that they actually made a new shoe for the Wade line...and Not what they did with the 1....
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i dont like the look of those...the only wades ive liked were the 1s and the 2.0s
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they seem like cool balling shoes
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Hoyle, I dont know what you speak of, but if it is the All Star color, insane is an under statement....
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Hey Nick you need to send me the flicks of them new bball kicks (from all brands). Does anybody know if Converse is going to retro All Star Springfield? My fav Cons of all time right next to Tar Max.


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These suck...Eastbay be murkin shoes with these team colors lol.
Yea Storm, those are the team version of the 1.3.
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I don't get it? why both?

I think they're essentially the same shoe whats the point really? why not just "team color crazy" the 1.3???

oh well
Yea, they have been doing it since the 1.0. Drop the retail by 10 or 20 bucks, and make a few minor, cosmetic changes. The logic behind it doesn't make much sense to me, because by the time they release, the original is already at sale prices lower than those of the Team version. I haven't seen a Team 2.0, but chances are...
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They need to really switch up the design. Like dude above said already, they've recycled the design of the sole 3 times and its too thin. Nike owns Converse, so hopefully they can push Converse into designing something better either lookwise or with the technology.

I liked the 1s a bit, and the 1.3 first color Blk-Red with the white toe, i kinda liked that Chuck Taylor resemblence. The other color 1.3s sucked for me.

The retail 2s were terrible. Those new Eastbay teams are lame.

Someday though. Someday...
Cweak, those are two of my past favorites also. Had the TarMax, thjose things never wore out outdoor and looked like work boots. The Springfield was smmoth before there time. They looked so nice with the React bubble and minimal design. Just found the Slam with these in them (96 Draft cover). Please bring these back.
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