New Era Fitted - Machine Size Expander

Mar 14, 2006
Does anyone here know a hat store in the Bay Area (San Francisco) that can expand the size of your cap? I am referring to a machine which can expand your cap one size up. The knee stretch technique is cool but I want something more efficient.
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Damn, they got machines like that?

I need to know as well.

Half my hat collection, I can't wear anymore. I sweat alot, so my hats shrink big time.

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ive never heard of a machine that enlarges new eras, but if there is one, i imagine it does it the same way the knee method does it...i dont exactly understand the "more efficient" part...
i need to find a way to shrink hats, couple of mines are a size too big
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^Soak the hat in water, leave it out or put it in the dryer for a couple of minutes. The key is to make sure the inside band is wet. It shrinks it a size down.

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wearing hats is the best way to shrink em because it will form to your head
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What exactly is the"knee method"

I'm trying to stretch my hats AND clean them.
sit down and keep one knee bent, put the fitted over the bent knee with the brim pointing away from you....grab the back of the headband and pull til you hear some snapping...that snapping is the size band breaking...

try it on an old hat so you dont ruin a good one, if you pull more after it snaps you could tear the hat...
the machine size expander that you're talking about is only at new era flagship's and the factory.

basically, they pull the fitted over a metal crown and it steams the sweatband to whatever size, then they blast it with cool air.

it's purpose isn't just to stretch fitteds as they use it at the factory to ensure a proper size.

my boy has had a 1/8 stretched to a 5/8. they normally try not to push it more than 4 sizes because the seams will rip.

hope that helps.
asiatic204 - so they don't have this available in the bay area then? i heard of the procedure before but never seen the actual machine at work. i actually have a 7 1/8 which i want to size up to a 7 1/4.
Contact me via email or aim at:
San Francisco, Bay Area get at me with goods!
you can probably go to a hat store and have them do the same of them REAL hat stores that sell derby, bowler, etc hats not NE fitteds.
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