*** NEW ERA Toronto Retail Store Opening Soon.. ***


Sep 3, 2006
Not much detail on when the stores coming and where it will be located but all I know is that it's coming real soon.

There's already an opening for manager for the retail store who reports to the retail operations manager.
. . ! . .

i don't know how to feel about this...

i'll be getting my fitteds easier, but you know how them apes get
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DiplomatTdot didn't break this to us first?

I dunno, I feel semi good about this. But I'm with jolly on this.
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^ Yeah I posted this back in the Fall.

and I agree I feel semi good about this, ahw ellg ood things come to an end.
what's the point of making a post about a shop when you have no new info about it?

thanks for reiterating what q said months back :rolleyes
but you know how them apes get

there's madd construction goin on along Queen St so I wouldn't be surprised to see New Era pop up there...I dont rock hats anyway so it doesn't really affect me!
Opening May 2007
has anyone here been to a new era flagship?
they carry so much crap and have like 1 or 2 hats in the whole spot that are worthwhile...their target market is, was, and always will be sports fans who want to rep their team with an authentic field cap.

as for fitteds...there's something much bigger in the works this summer that will actually change the game in canada..there's some news that actually matters.

where'd you hear about the job posting though oseez?

i'm sure i know a couple cats who would fit the bill(pun intended)
hundred fifty dollar tennis shoes no suits
ill stick with da zone to get my fitteds
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New Era's been looking to place a flag ship store in Toronto for a while. When Mike from INQMND and myself had a meeting with the guys from New Era Canada last summer, they were already planning location... BUT...

What Aysix says is 100% right... their target market is, was, and always will be sports fans who want to rep their team with an authentic field cap. So to get those Gems, will be rare and far between...

Word on the street is that there's good news for all the fitted lovers, just ask your boy Q, the Fitted king...
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what is all this secretive talk about stores opening? i thought this was the canada forum not the top-secret-information-hype-acceleration-by-being-mad-secretive thread..
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yeah the next thread will be new era employees hyping up "limited" hats and telling us to "get our paper up"
"yao know what i ming"
yo on the real..that's exactly what 1/2 of the stuff in the NE flagship will look like

hundred fifty dollar tennis shoes no suits
Yup, if you've been to a NE flagship store you'd know what you're getting.

A few gems, but on the whole it'll be more of that type of stuff...plus new era's you'd see at Lids, Headquarters, etc.

yeah the new era store in new york was so @#%$ that i actually left and went back and bought more stuff at supreme because i was so angry with how much it sucked

anyways, i dont really care about having a new era store here. i am interested in this so called "other" store that im hearing so much about (from this thread)
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I have to co-sign with a lot of comments made...

However, I dont think the NE Flagship coming to Toronto will affect the big time fitted kings/queens.


Most of the "customs" that the store will carry are not the pieces that generally make fitted fiends go bananas..

IMO, most of the hot fitteds that make collectors collections hot are shop fitteds, custom colours (from out of market teams, like Pittsburgh or Arizona for example), Minor League caps, rare customs etc.

You wont find any "HAZE" or SUPREME or MISHKA fitteds @ the flagship.. ya dig?

I think it will just really help people with little to no fitted game step up.. Not that it matters how good ones fitted game is, but this is Niketalk, so....

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