| ~ New I.D. Season: Air Max shipped! +PICS+

Oct 16, 2000
The other post seems to be too crowded. People requested a separate thread for results. I didnt see any. Heres how mine turned out.




Sorry if wrong thread. POST YOURS AS WELL!!!
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Im a sz 8.5 or 9. What you GOT for sale?​
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Dope. These do not top your baltoros though. You did an amazing job on those. The blue shines.

I guess I will play.

Designed these...


Got these...



Green Ice 05_ Not bad bro. I wish I could do a 255studio pair.

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j2o... i like those blue AM 87s, and green ice 05, i like that blue, but i think there needs to be some more color to set those off. nice though and i like all that ive seen so far

^^^ DOPE Jimmy........... :wow:

I likes yours too Green Ice...Stash inspired.

I think I wanna make some now.


The "engine" color is incredible. I designed my shoes around that color.

Everyone's Id's look very nice so far!
j2o BOTH your pairs are so dope. . Did those 2 arrive on the same shipment?

I needed a bright blue kicks to fit my skittles theme that I've had the past years....


The brighter the better!

im annoyed as hell that i wont see my 90's til after spring break most likely, it is 4 weeks today since i placed the order, next week will be 5 and i leave next friday
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hmmm, i'm trying to hold out on getting more ID's until the '97s come out. but dang, i am really loving a lot of the air max 1's that are showing up here on NT............
jimmy... nice am1's.
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woah a lot of hot colorways already, the colors really pop out in actual pictures. I really need to design a pair.
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Yo... I just ordered mine. This should come just in time for the season opener. I gotta rep for Tha Bay and Giants. Hope it turns out fresh. Peace!
I wanna play too...

Ordered the first and the third ones, got the third ones in, still waiting on the first ones:

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