[| -- (NEW) INQMND site launch has arrived! -- |]

^ Saw it last night and it's a complete 360 degrees from the previous website. It looks GREAT

FOR SALEdOubleO @ gmail . com (just remove the spaces)

some good articles.
inqmnd is def holding it down...Canada in general is really doing it big on the digital front, from inqmnd to hypebeast (birthed in Canada), dopefiend.ca, WRG mag, to Sneakerplay.com!
This is one of the better made websites on the Internet, this thing is dope.
yes it pains me to see them need this. all of their lost souls and im their jesus
the thing i appreciate is that the music actually does add to the site and connects with what ur reading

very fitting...

an alternate one for skam coulda been spraypaint and inkpens

only complaint is that the old content is totally gone
For Sale or Trade for sz 9-9.5 heat

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