New Merch: Jurisdiction ft. G.o.D Jewels ~ Beautiful Music

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As Usual...

1st and foremost You're Welcome! Y'all All Welcome!!

I know a few of y'all saw me post that I was listening to it and asked about it and due to some unforseen occurrences the song is out of the vault so @#%$ it might as well distributed it to the masses...

With that said off the upcoming mixtape Put Your Ear To The Streets ~ "Beautiful Music" prod. by nt's own EBeatz shouts to the boy Elan another classic

You ({})'s Know What Time It Is!!!!

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Ok.... I feel bad because I feel like this is my fault :lol:

I only heard the joint... but its not like its been distributed or nothin. I hope me hearing it early ain't the reason you postin it up now. Nobody has a copy... trust. I ain't tryna get my dude Wize in trouble :lol:

Oh... and this is absolutely fire. I told you that earlier J :pimp:
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Dope track duke... The chick was decent.
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Yea Plan people don't even understand how versatile she is :smh:

_'s hear 1 or 2 tracks and try to pidgeon hole somebody. Aint no limitations over here The Gang'll show you what subject matter is about :lol:
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^basically... my favorite song out of E2.. instant classic.. yea Wize said it.. learn something @#%$..
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^ Oh @#%$! :wow:

My _ Ge0 back? _ got lost in the bermuda triangle or some @#%$ :lol:
What's poppin fam? :pimp:
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Damn this got out there before even being mixed and mastered :smh:

its love though :lol:
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Quote:[hr][/hr]My _ Ge0 back? _ got lost in the bermuda triangle or some :lol:
What's poppin fam? :pimp:

Naw man, I just had to much @#%$ on my chest to be postin', Im good now though.
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the beat and the hook ...nice.

I could Def. see myself pounding this Crusin Michigan Ave on a winter night smokin some :pimp:

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Now _'s speakers broken :lol:
DictionI'm on the verge of a new mind
Thats GO, Brain blast I'm a neutron
What up Jimmy, you home been due time
I'm on the verge of a new mind thats GOBrain blast I'm a neutron, What Up Jimmy

from wiki pedia
he will urge his brain on, saying, "Think, think, think!" whereupon viewers enter Jimmy's brain to observe its inner workings as well as to relive a scene from the early part of the episode. Jimmy will then shout, "Brain Blast!" and arrive at the solution for whatever danger he has landed himself, his friends, or his town in

however the double meaning of that line ~ In Chi those not aligned with any specific gang are referred to as neutrons, and Jimmy is the name of our guy who society feels is rehabilitated :lol:

Most people won't even catch how ill that was because it sounds so simple :pimp:
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_'s hear 1 or 2 tracks and try to pidgeon hole somebody
Yea i heard that too... it's a.g. im a do me tho

Thanks to all the feedback positive and b.s.,now that's what keeps me going

D, it's all love man everything happens for a reason,andyou telling me you dug it

made me say eff it....and we got em

Wize you know what it is my friend we gone go do this
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Man y'all WACK AS HELL.....PUT THE MIC DOWN......

Lil Chugga the future....

Just f'n with y'all chi-town bullies....
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Let me preface my comment with this:

I love J-Diction, Don't You Shoot, Fly, Cold, Raw, G, and the Appearance on the Mega-mega. And G.o.D. Jewels is in heavy rotation. How To Rap, Toys andalso the Mega-mega. Just to assert that this isn't blind hatred. And besides I ain't like We Major so...

But for some reason yall just missed me with this one. The verses and production are on point, it doesn't stand with yall's other efforts to me.
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