New Night Club in Sac, any ideas?

Mar 29, 2005
I am tired of these played out clubs in sacramento, and it's too much of a trip to go to the bay for a night of clubbing every other week..What kind of club would you want in Sac to just kill all the other clubs in the area and even compete with the Bay clubs? Any and all ideas welcomed...
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Sacramento, CA​
so you're trying to open one?

I don't go clubbing that much anymore, but whenever I do its always at Zokku.
when is enough ENOUGH?!?!
Zokku is kinda played out...I mean there is really nothing that seperates that from any other club in sac...I use to go out a lot, but the clubs are so boring that I don't, but going to vegas reminded me of what a club should really be like...Kinda want to open one, just getting feedback

Team 9-1-KiX
Sacramento, CA​
yeahhh i know what you mean thats why i don't really go clubbing anymore. i just prefer zokku over barcode or empire.
when is enough ENOUGH?!?!
Haha man.. I must say I use to go out in Sac ALOT when I use to go to Davis. I mean 3-4 times a week, buying booths 2 nights a week. Anyway... the first thing clubs in sac need to do is hire some security that doesnt have a stick up their @#%$... with that being said, there should be a spot where people can dress fashionable and not feel like they have to wear suit and ties out to the club. I swear the dress code there is ridiculous. I once had a white tee on underneath my dress shirt and they wouldnt let me in... thats with wearing some bootcut seven jeans and some ferragamo's. There should be a spot where you can wear some nike's and a polo and still party...
empire and avalon isnt crackin anymore?
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If you wanna open a club you have to pick the right location which you probably know. Downtown is probably the best place, anywhere around j,k,l. etc... Old sac can get it cracking if it wants to, it can be like the gas lamp district in SD. But sac thinks it attracts the " wrong crowd " aka minorities. But anyways also, the music has to be on point if you want to attract people, so pick the right dj, I know alot if you need any refs. For example The Park, nice place but the music is weak. They go from biggie to acdc come on. It's cause they want to attract the " right crowd " If you want to stand out from the rest, the club/bar should be laid back, casual, where you dont have to be dressed up just to have a drink and listen to wack music. Check out Milk and club six, or the polang lounge in the city. They should give you an idea of what im leaning towards. Sac needs places like that. Anyways sorry for the essay but i just want to give some input to the topic.
yeah man. that park @#%$ is wack. if you wanna do something sweet, open up a lounge for real heads. a place where you can wear your kicks and slide thru and chill. a place where local artists can come thru and do their thang. more of a local hangout.

really when you are getting into the club scene you just make a place that you would wanna hang out with your folks at...your ideal kick it spot.

iono just my two cents
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the park is cool on thursdays, cuz they got guest djs. every other day, not sure. first thing to a cracking club. make it 21+. i want good music and cool dance floors. make it unique. if you just want to kick it and hang out, open a bar, not a club. and for me, when i go clubbing, i don't want to see t-shirts and nikes. and i'm not talking about wearing a suit or tie either. not that hard to put on a pair of dress shoes, jeans and a button up.
all suggestion have been noted..I feel all you guys on the weak clubs in sac...I mean i couldn't get into avalon with some prada shoes, just cause they had laces, @#%$??? I mean i don't want the club to be where you can straight where any shoes, but if the sneakers are tasteful yeah i'm going to let you in...Location is key, if things go all according to plan this club will blow all the sac clubs out of the water, all my partners are down to make it the best and we have the funds for it, that's why i'm taking suggestions...keep them coming
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Sacramento, CA​
DJ, DJ, DJ....choose them wisely. and i like the idea of having guest DJs here and there. and please hire bartenders who actually know how to make drinks. tired of going to clubs and asking for drinks that bartenders either don't know how to make or just make it plain wrong. oh yea, make it look nice for the ladies....give the ladies an environment they would like. cuz the more ladies come, the more guys come, the more drinks bought.....$$$$$. and having too much females doesn't bother me. and oh yea....hire me. marketing, advertising, design, assistant manager, etc. let me know.
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