**New Nike Dunk High (Gore-Tex)

Dec 21, 2003
Not sure if these have been posted, but i just saw these on sneaker freaker.


"The materials found on this Dunk are usually reserved for the ACG line, resulting in a bball shoe that is breathable, waterproof and apparently windproof in a Jordanesque colorway
I like, simple and nice. Black laces will make them look better too.
there ok
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those are hot, a lot better than the last colorway to drop. why don't they make a nice all black gore-tex dunk?
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like the guy above said, these will look better with black laces on. but yea retail will probably be too high
I like the black and blue colorway but wish the check was blue too
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WOW. those are really, really nice. good job NIKE, way better than any of the recent garbages thats been coming out...
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I've always wanted Nike to make a rainy/winter
dunk with gore-tex. But I don't know if black/blue is
all purpose enough.
J-Pack colors are always nice.
Really though, I'm just here to boost my post count.
Not too bad...on a side note...anywhere I can still get the Gore Tex all Black AF1 High ?
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