NEW PUMAS @ UNDFTD LA BREA... only 72 pairs in US 11-10-07

Aug 15, 2004
Jungle Pack ... This Saturday 11-10

Undefeated La Brea ONLY

Limited to 72 pairs in the US

I would rock those to a PETA event.
Pistol Grip Pump GoW Clan in full effect!
I would rock those to a PETA event.
I'm that cat that used to sit in the back and study. Looking for some proof that God loves uglyAtmosphere
dfresh244-If the Lions make the playoffs I will shave my head and my eyebrows and post it on NT. And I'll get a lion tattooed on my arm.​
damn those are nasty
"You can take the boy from the island but not the island from the boy. Cause the island stays in you're heart and I'll never forget where I'm from."-Justin
good thing there are only 72...


I love puma clydes/baskets, but these just don't appeal to me. Only 72, they should have made zero pairs.

The Lunars are next on Puma hitlist.
T E A M L E B R O N S Z 1 6​
@#%$ is AirRev doing over there???
TEAMNEWYORKMETSget busy livin or get busy dyin, that's g-ddamn right
So do I, but I wouldn't buy a pair for the bum on the street to rock.
T E A M L E B R O N S Z 1 6​
Are they SUPPOSED to look like they have mange? Either that or the Jackass crew got after 'em with the clippers.
I think these look better than the zebra blazers that came out recently, but I guess that's not saying much.
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