new to me once again please... bay area

May 29, 2004
so i started a post a while back about me moving here from the bay area, well im finally here and lookin for the local spots. i saw the official shoe guide so skip that,

ohh btw im living in Matthews

barbers? i like my weekly haircuts...
food? ill eat anything...
weekends? just turned 19... :pimp:
Team Dime
Basketball - Charlotte Sports Center - the address is 8626 Hankins Rd, there's also an open gym at Sugar Creek but I don't know much about that one

Food - for cool restaurants to chill at just go downtown, but for fast food Showmars is one spot you might want to check out

Malls - Carolina Place is my favorite and is probably the closest to you, SouthPark is the upscale joint, Northlake is mad far from where you are but is decent, Concord Mills is 30 minutes away but is worth the drive if you like discounts

Weekends - Since you're under 21, the college parties will have to suffice, Bar Charlotte has a pretty decent crowd, Crush on Sundays if you're into the hip hop scene,

I hope this helps a little.
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