New Tweed am90's

Aug 21, 2006
Tweed has had a roller coaster ride in the sneaker scene making its appearance on several occasions. This latest pack of Tweed Air Max 90 from NIke creates an interesting pairing of tweed alongside some muted earthy tones with a splash of neon accents.. Whether youre in the market for something a bit flashy or something more muted, these Air Max 90s should work out

they could have done much better. i think when nike comes out with new sneakers they have this check list:
- 3 loud colors
- 2 eatrh tone colors
- materials knowonw likes
- put on a classic sneaker
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ugliest shoe I'v ever seen in life

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^A bit of an exaggeration...but they are ugly
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Dear Nike,

Why do you continue to disappoint time and time again, from the overplayed "pack" idea to releasing flat-out disgusting shoes like this?

Above is a prime example of why your company hasn't received a dime of my money in the past year.

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not feelin these, colors just seem thrown together
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I am at a loss for words :x

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I think their tryin to turn everything into SB. They look like Ghosts and tweeds gone stupid.
i wish the infared in the bubble and other accents was brown but -

I'd rock em. Almost a dress 90 to wear with a suit or something. Gotta have fun with kicks every so often ya know.

Are these coming around soon? Playing off next months plaid pack? QS, Urban, Mall stores or what?

We've all seen much worse than this.'s all just hear-say anyway.
remove the tweed, neon yellow, dark green, and brown and you might actually have something there :pimp:
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remove the tweed, neon yellow, dark green, and brown and you might actually have something there

Dark green? Neon yellow?

Where? Really.'s all just hear-say anyway.
tweed toebox and mudguard, and the rest of the shoe a few shades of brown would have done so much better
think dunk sb tweeds nike!
perfect shoe for those who just want to stand out and attract attention...and not in a good way

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