Next Day Air

Joined Mar 28, 2004
anyone see next day air today. The movie was ok not really what I expected, but every chick in the movie was

As soon as Lauren London came on the screen the whole theater went
Joined Jun 21, 2007
looks like a movie i'd watch on the weekend when i don't really have much else to I'll wait for the dvd/blu-ray
Joined Mar 14, 2009
i came in thinking this was a thread about overnight delivery.

anywho....the movie looks cool. might check it out.
Joined Nov 16, 2007
I saw it earlier this week at a free screening. I didnt think i was gonaa like it but it was funny. Crazy seeing eddie winslow as a dealer haha. I wassurprised at the ending . I love free screenings cause i get to see movies i wouldve never paid for. Saw both start trek and next day air this week so i hadnothing to watch tonite=/
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