Next Day Air

Joined Oct 24, 2007
I heard it was one of those ones you can wait on..but I guess it won't hurt to check it out yourself..
Joined May 23, 2008
Just saw it last night. Overall pretty funny. Next friday=next day air . Def not a waste of money.
Joined Jun 24, 2001
I saw it last night..

Wasn't that good, wasn't that bad..

A few bad broads.. Mike epps doesn't really play a funny guy role..

But the movie has a few funny moments.. " I said what any real N' would in that situation.. Yesssir! West coast connect" LMAO

Movie is HELLA short, it was under 90 mins..

Its worth seeing tho
Joined Nov 11, 2007
It was a mistake having this movie come out the same weekend as star trek. MAKE NO MISTAKE THOUGH I still want to see this movie
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