Next Seattle Sample Sale?

Jun 10, 2006
When is the next Seattle Sample Sale? Does anyone know? Can anyone alert me when its happenin?
go to the outlet for samples, i know they still have some~
see what I have for sale:
Yeah, ive been to Seattle Premium and Northbend, thers nothing in 9's that are nice. I like dunks and SB's and AF1's. Do they have these often? Im from Canada so i go about once a month.
horrible attempts at trying to be funny
DS XIII blk/altitude Sz8 (1pair)

hit me up if you need'em
Thanks lazyjs but im not looking for Jordans, just dunks and dunk sb's. I was interested in knowing when that next sale would be. If someone would like to tell me, id appreciate it, and id also appreciate none of the bs ive been receiving from a lot of you guys.
I remember when southcenter had a kids locker room or foot locker, they were giving out upper deck basket ball cards. I don't know if those counted as samples :b

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