NFL Ticket Exchange

Joined Dec 16, 2007
Anyone ever sell or buy tickets from this site.

Im selling some tickets and just wondering how often people actually use the site and just more info around it.

ie. if they purchase your ticket, your physical ticket is no longer valid, so if you own your physical ticket, and try to use it at a game, does it just not work ( will you be charged for fraudulent activity)
Joined Feb 28, 2008
Once you e-forward the ticket the barcode on your physical ticket will be void (meaning when they scan the original ticket it will be invalid). I dont think you will be arrested if u try to get in the stadium with the original ticket but they will just turn u away.
Joined Jan 19, 2008
I used it last year for the Ravens-Falcons game. Once your ticket is sold, your ticket will become invalid so that the person who bought them can print them off. I got my tickets for a good deal and I plan on trying to catch another game this year using the ticket exchange.
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