Nike “Zoom Freak” 1’s - Giannis Antetokounmpo - All Bro’s 10/27/19

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Watching preseason, I've seen more Kobe 4s than Greek Freak 1s.
same but still think by end of years it’s these mainly because there will be a lot of releases, these are on iD, and Nike gonna push them on their players because of the price point and kids/parents.
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From what I hear, Giannis is all about the simple colorways. So I expect him to be in a lot of Bucks colorways (Call me captain obvious with that take). I don't expect him to be in too many crazy colorways.
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probably would grab those on discount, was playing with ID to make something similar but the webbing and that inside swoosh were messing things up, I like them tho
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