[| -- NIKE 25th AF1 Anniversary Party PICS 1/18 -- |]


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Jun 26, 2002
Thursday January 18th 2006.​

- 19+ Event
- Not open to the public people had to RSVP through email that was sent from NIKE.
- Guests I'm hearing includes DJ Clark Kent, Bobbito Garcia and another person who I don't know is confirmed so I won't say.
- People featured in the upcoming NIKE AF1 book will be shown on video throughout the event.
- AF1 tribute song performed by Canadian Artists.

Plus more and more etc and etc.

Not all this is 100% this is just info that's been leaked for the past few months or so.
just got an email from Nike about it...it's at some spot on Spadina and is RSVP only
*** Barons swingman #7 ***
sorry guys but it's non transferable...if I try to forward it the invite wont go thru...
*** Barons swingman #7 ***
I don't even need to talk just...... :pimp:

___'s know I don't play at all.
^ Again I just said what you had to do if you want to go...smh lol
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