Nike Air Cross Trainer II - the forgotten Alpha Project Trainer - Will it ever be retroed?

Discussion in 'Nike Retro' started by pixelhead, Oct 12, 2015.

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    May 4, 2004
    At this point the only Nike I'd want to see retroed is the Air Cross Trainer II. Anyone else have these? Remember them? Know who designed them? They always seemed way ahead of their time. I wore one pair flat, and am taking a pair of ice today- so we'll see how a 16+ year old shoe holds up... so far so good.

    I've seen a few Alpha project threads, and a few trainer threads and I can't recall these coming up. For me this was the shoe that got me back into NIke's and Nike Trainers in particular after what I felt was a pretty dismal mid-90's.... I loved all the Bo's but stopped paying attention after the Carnivore's. This one brought me back.

    I felt like it owed at lot to the lineage of the late Air Trainer TW Lites - very light shoe, phylon midsole, mesh quarter panels, contrasting color blocking, and full length air - which had not really been seen on a trainer since the Trainer 1 probably?

    It's a long shot but I've love to see a retro of these, updated with Zoom maybe, and few modern colorways
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