Nike Air Limelight **Help Needed !

Feb 23, 2006
Hey i know a spot with these in a couple colors for dirt cheap and need any info on the shoes main things impotant to my game are responsiveness, cushioning, weight and then ankle support All help appreciated

And yes i did try 2 uuse the search :rolleyes
eyes.gif it goes.i tried to forget about these so im gonna do my best to recall as much as i can :lol:

responsiveness: wasnt good at all. the shoes felt like they were working against me rather than with me. i slipped a couple of times on the pivot circle on the toe. the air bag in the heel felt very hard compared to some other nike air shoes.

cushioning: very firm. i like a soft shoe, so this definitely wasnt the shoe for me. i liked the fit of the shoes and the support but the cushioning was bad. again, the heel air unit was way to hard for my liking.

weight: well i tried on the shox spotlights at the same time as i did the limelights and the limelights were noticably heavier when i walked in them.

ankle support: weak at best. the shoes do lace all the way up which is a plus, but the midfoot lockdown strap is a typical nike strap and is for looks rather than performance. if your shoes are tied the strap wont help at all. dont expect much there.

all in all, this shoe is dirt cheap for a reason. it lasted one game for me and i took these home, cleaned them up, and returned them and bought my kobe ones for half the price of these.
^Thanx..Damnn i didnt think theyd be that bad ! but anyone else and if you'd reccomend these 4 a quick guard?
wear it for casual and not for ball probably....mt3130 nailed it....pretty firm shoe
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