Nike Air Max 95's - Deterioration - Sole & Air Bubble

Jan 10, 2022
I have a few Air Max 95's from the early 2000's (Juventus, Atmos, 2004 Olympic, etc.) that are all deteriorating. Significant cracking, sole separation, clouded air bubble, etc. Some are worse than others and wanted to see what my options are. Uppers are in great shape but soles are unwearable in the current condition. What can I do? Easy to sole swap with another pair of 95's? Is there a market to sell if unwearable? Feel like I can't be the only one with these issues. Can send pics if helpful. Thanks.
Dec 25, 2006
Sole swap is the best bet but with nothing being the same as original it may not line up 100% but will look good if done well.
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