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Can't seem to find an updated thread even thou a retro plus Gray colorway has been out for a little while.

Anyways, Spotted these in a local shop. The Nike Air Trainer Max 97 is finally being retroed in OG colorways. Here some pics of them in OG Navy/Maize. Had these joint back in 96 & loved them. Been waiting for a decent retro of these an the OG Red/Navy/Whites. I know the air bubble is a little smaller, but I'm not complaining.

Retail price increase has these at $145.
Nike, but I still need them.
Last thing, these babies originally dropped in '96 so why are they called the Nike Air Trainer Max 97?
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yeah. I dont think a thread was ever made for these guys.

How'd they feel? Flexible? Materials feel decent? I think most of the upper will be that napless synthetic suede stuff common on a lot of retros.

I have yet to see or know anyone who has picked up a pair. I have not heard any impressions on these at all.

The grey.volt colorway is already knocked down to $99.99 all over the internet.

The all black and all wheat ones retroed I think around 2003 with the tagging AIR TRAINER MAX 97. So I think Nike just carried on with that name, wrong, or right.

Another OG colorway will be coming out in Novemeber

These black grey reds just arrived on NDC:

I love many of these shoes, but the last thing you want to do is pay retail.. Ideally, outlet @$39.99 or eastby drops them to $59.99 range and you discount code them to $50 shipped
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Wally....They felt & looked good to me, minus the smaller air bubbles of course. Those Michigans (that's what I used to call them) are another dope OG colorway. But yes, I too am shocked that this shoe don't get any love. Heads in B'More wore the hell out of them back in the late 90's....even when they first retroed them in the early 2000s. I remember dude dancing with them on in that SWV/Missy Elliot vid back in the days. Things go hard.

It has to be that $150 after tax price tag that's pushing people away. No worries, I'm scooping up all OG colorways with the markdown.
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Can't wait for the black/navy/gold pair. AI wore those for Georgetown in a few games. That combined with the Bulldog on the bottom, got these stuck with the "Bulldog Trainers" or "Hoya Trainers" nickname.

The Navy/White/Maize color is already down to 99.99 in a lot of eBay stores.

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Very underrated. I saw them drop a few weeks ago on sneakerhead. I was thinking of getting them, but need to see/feel them in person.
Those bubbles though are small compared to the originals.
I wonder if an all leather retro is dropping?
Here's my OGs that I wear. Some of the pics are old, but still very wearable.
The top pic was a few months back.

Might have to cop the two original colorways on discount. Very comfy.
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^^^Navy, red & whites. A thing of beauty. Had those babies too. Damn shame I wore a size 9.5 back then.
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I forgot how great they look from behind/side with the raised portions. I remember the "Bulldog" persona attached to these trainers.

Those Navy/Black/Gold are a go.
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Looking forward to the Michigans, and might cop the navy/white/maize for the right price. Wish they would drop the black/white/neon lime joints again, I think those were my fav's.
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Originally Posted by WallyHopp


If you can get yourself a pair of these - highly recommended. Wore my OG pair back in the day into the ground when I used to work @ Starbucks. Not sure about the retro quality smaller air bubble but the OG pair truly lived up to its AIR MAX name; all day comfort... Pretty rugged too, could take a lot of abuse.

A simple higher cut cross trainer.... they retro this, the Air Pillar (not as much love for that model; waaay too stiff) & hopefully soon again the Air Ubiquitous in the OG black/volt

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Will definitely pick these up once they hit outlets.
I actually really like that grey/black/red colorway.
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Originally Posted by PanaRicanRetro

Wish they would drop the black/white/neon lime joints again, I think those were my fav's.

Almost forgot about those. Sick colorway....
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