Nike Air Zoom Huarache 64 review

Oct 27, 2000

US Mens size 10.5.

I played basketball in them for the first time last night. Put them on brand new straight out of the box.

FIT: I only wore one pair of socks and it felt kinda loose, but that's to be expected for new shoes. Here on out, I'll be wearing 2 pairs. They fit true to size however. You can feel the forefoot zoom air at work. Shoe is very light and despite its looks provides good ankle support.
The front is pretty stiff, so it doesn't flex much, but I'm sure it will once broken in.

QUALITY: The black suede is a nice touch. No visible glue marks and the leather is smooth texture, so easy to clean. Laces are nice and thick and are the correct length. No complaints here.

TRACTION: The court I played on was semi-dusty but I was not slipping and sliding. I was more worried about having only 1 pair of socks on and having my foot move around.

CUSHIONING: Forefoot Zoom Air. Felt great and you feel low to the ground with this shoe on. The inner booty sock is nice too and adds a little extra sense of padding around your foot. I prefer zoom air over max air or shox myself however.

OVERALL: If I had to rate it from scale of 1-10, I would give this shoe a solid 9.

Feel free to ask any other questions you may have. I'll try to answer it to my best knowledge.
I have these shoes too. Even with 2 socks, I felt movement in my foot, so I laced them through the lower holes. Have you tried this?
Do they really have full length carbon fiber? like,is it impossible to flex the shoe at the midfoot?
I have them laced up on the top holes, all the way to the top, pretty much like the pic.

As for the full length carbon fiber, I don't know if this shoe integrates that, since I don't see the CF visible on the bottom.
I laced them up on the top holes and i have a pretty good fit... No movement at all with my dri-fit and fore bare feet nba socks. I love these shoes and I can really feel the zoom air especially in the forefoot. I contacted nike about the carbon fiber and they said that it was in the shoe, but just wasn't visible.
I just looked at these at the store quick. Yes, they do flex badly right in the middle of the shoe. I can't believe that Nike still will put out a shoe that does that. They know it's not correct, that's why they make carbon fiber shanks for other shoes. Kobe's, however flex nice and easy up where they should in the forefoot area. It's improved upon what the 2k5 was. I keep an eye on this area, since I struggle with plantar fasitiis.
Since those fit true to size, why do you still feel loose when just wearing one pair of socks? Thanks for your reply in advance! :D
^ "true to size" refers to the length being appropiate for the length of your foot. What they're saying is it doesn't lock down enough and causes side to side movements of your foot in the shoe.
i tried them on and to me it seems that the tounge is way to short. nebody else feel this way

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how do they compare to ultraflights, and the other huaraches?
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these shoes don't come with a carbon fiber.. i can bend the mid foot which shouldn't happen
Actually, they still could have carbon shank. The new Kobe 2's have one, and they flex in the mid foot area. I can't figure out why, and I havn't been able to get any answers on it.
from me.
black/royal size 11
hahaha. well im pretty sure they'd say they have a carbon shank in em if they had em or not.
I own four pairs, and hands down, the BEST shoe I have ever played in :pimp:
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