Nike AM 5-tool tr x TheFundamental, "Summer Nights&quot

Joined Jun 9, 2007
I've been recently messing around with customs, and these i just finished up tonight. I want to improve on my technique, so critique me as much as you can! appreciate it in advance.

I saw the Clerks Pack AM 360 polka dots and i really fell in love with the pattern. problem was that I wasn't able to implement my circle templates very well, so they're a bit blurry.

Used Angelus paint and stickers as my circle templates.

[img noborder] [/img]

[img noborder] [/img]
[img noborder] [/img]

haha after i finished up with the shoes I realized they kinda looked like that famous Van Gogh, so just for kicks i put em' up for a bit of comparison...
[img noborder] [/img]
Joined Oct 13, 2006
if it was a better base shoe maybe... like an all white air force one low it would be nice shoe for a girl no offense, just saying dots that are white and green are just :rolleyes
.:Team Mental Liberation:.[hr][/hr]​
Joined Sep 16, 2006
you gotta relax dog, just buy the 360's...A for effort though
they've done studies you know. Sex panther works 60% of the time, every time

Joined Jul 8, 2007
It's a little too fruity. no offense, but if you used a better base shoe ^^ it would've probably turned out better.
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Welcome to the club Marco Belinelli!
Almost ready for the 49er sig!
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